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SPA Women’s Ministry Homes relies on the generous gifts of donors and friends in order to provide Christ-centered residential services for women struggling with life-controlling issues such as substance abuse and domestic violence. This list includes items needed for women residing at the SPA House, as well as for the women and children residing at the Faith House and Hope House.


Needs List



Hand Towels

Wash Clothes

Feminine Products (all types)
Hair Care Items:  Mousse, Hair Spray, Gel & Products for African American Hair
Toilet paper
Bath Mats/Rugs


Paper Towels & Napkins
Cleaning Supplies (carpet fresh, disinfectant wipes, Drano, dryer sheets, mop, Scrubbing Bubbles, Dawn)
Coffee (regular and decaf)
Laundry Detergent & Bleach

Office Supplies

Copy Paper
Envelopes (#8 and #10)
Pencils & Pens
Computer Accessories/Flash Drives
Blank CD’s
Staples Gift Cards


First Aid Cold Medicine (i.e. Cough Drops, Vitamin C, Allergy & Cold Medicine, Aleve, Midol)
Ladies Underwear (all sizes)
Storage Containers & Bags
Laundry Baskets
Light Bulbs (Energy Savers, 60W, indoor flood lights)
Trash Bags (all sizes)
Snow Shovels


We appreciate all your assistance.

To arrange a drop off of items,

please contact the SPA House at 574-522-8338.