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Who can help?

SPA is open to women with issues due to poverty, domestic violence, abusive lifestyles, homelessness, divorce, and other disabling factors. Please call 574-522-8338 for further information.

There are many facets to working in this ministry. It is not a decision to be taken lightly, so as you read through these paragraphs, ask God to show you where He wants you to be. Fill out the included application and submit it to the SPA. We will review your application promptly and contact you for an interview.

Thank you for your interest in serving with us!

Volunteer Criteria

SPA volunteers must:

  1. Be called to or have a desire to serve.
  2. Agree with the SPA mission statement.
  3. Agree to follow the appropriate guidelines for each area of ministry.
  4. Read and support the standards and general rules for SPA clients.
  5. Be an example in appearance, punctuality, attitude, speech, and the Christian life, refraining from smoking, drinking, and profanity.
  6. Have a humble and teachable spirit and a willingness to submit to the director.
  7. Communicate effectively regarding schedule as well as any issues with the women that should arise.
  8. Maintain a prayerful attitude when dealing with conflict.
  9. Make decisions when it is your role to do so and communicate those decisions clearly to the director.

Volunteer Positions

Maintenance: This position is open to anyone with a desire to help maintain the physical structure of the SPA. If you have expertise in construction, plumbing, electric, or other trades, you can volunteer on an as-needed basis. Maintenance helpers may not smoke on the property.

Chaperone: Once you complete orientation and meet with the director, you may begin this great opportunity of ministering to the women. Options include house-sitting, teaching fun classes like scrap-booking and music, or leading a game night. We also need drivers to transport women to their appointments.

Ministry: A volunteer at this level may stay at the home for extended periods of time, teach long term groups, lead prayer, or mentor. This position demands a high commitment level. We would expect to see you at least once a week.