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I’m 28-years-old. I tried my first drug when I was 12, and by the time I was 15, I was smoking meth. During my first pregnancy, by the grace of God, I was able to stay sober. My son’s father was abusive, and I left him to go to treatment for the first time. I was successful at staying clean until I graduated and met Mark, the father of my second and third sons. Together we socially used alcohol, marijuana, and meth. Things began to get really hard after my third son was born and I started using pain killers to deal with things, which was my downfall. Xanax became my first priority. I couldn’t function with them or without them, so I was a mess all the way around. Mark and I broke up and I became a single mother. Things got really bad. I couldn’t deal with things any longer, so I took my kids to a foster home and I went to rehab. I’ve now been clean for one year, and I love my life and myself again. I am in school to further my education and to gain the knowledge needed to support myself and my children, who I have great hope of reuniting with soon. Soon I will be graduating and moving on to the second phase of the SPA program, where I have a safe environment in which to rebuild my life. I also now have God’s word planted deep in my heart and a number of different tools to help me cope with life on life’s terms.



I have an addiction to pain pills. I was raised with an alcoholic father and also married an alcoholic. I am now divorced because of the alcoholism. As a single mom, I worked hard and got my nursing license. I used for the first time at 28. I was raped by a guy who was a bouncer. It was a brutal attack that left me bloodied and broken with multiple injuries. The doctors prescribed me Xanax and pain pills with no hesitation, and that’s where it all began. For the better part of 10 years, I hopped from doctor to doctor and from E.R. to E.R. I finally decided I’d had enough and wanted help, but I didn’t know how to get help. I overdosed and ended up in the psych ward. They gave me a list of treatment centers. I opted for a facility in South Bend, which is six hours from my home. I soon realized that it was not the place for me. Fortunately, I was put in touch with the SPA, and I thank God for it daily. I really love it at the SPA, and I know without a doubt that this is where God means for me to be! I am currently rebuilding a trusting and loving relationship with my kids, and I believe that with a God-centered life, all things are possible and my future is bright.