Welcome to the SPA Women’s Ministry!

The goal of our organization is to improve the quality of life for women struggling to leave their pasts behind. We are an educational and faith-based residential home that offers women a safe environment to make positive and permanent life changes. We offer alternative solutions and close service gaps, increasing our participants’ chances for success. The basic foundation we supply will carry them throughout their lives and create an atmosphere for them and their family to live healthier lives. It will diminish the probability that these women could fall through the cracks of the system. We believe this will impact the community by alleviating the social and economic strain it currently experiences.

We take a holistic approach toward the restructuring of these women’s lives. The mind, body, and spirit need to be healed before restoration can occur. Each situation varies, yet they share a common goal: to better their current situation. They are experiencing issues such as illiteracy, domestic violence, addictions, mental and emotional abuse, rape, and mental illness. Most have little or no health care, yet they have numerous diagnoses, compounded by years of abuse. Our goal is to empower the women with the skills needed to overcome their personal obstacles. We offer them the tools to develop interpersonal mechanisms that will enable them to function more effectively. We provide parenting classes, nutrition awareness, physical fitness, hygiene, anger management, boundary establishing, co-dependency, and freedom from entrapment. The women are required to get proper rest and nutrition, which leads to an increased awareness. As part of  promoting healthy lifestyles, we are a non-smoking program. Our program lasts six months. After four months, the women may elect to obtain employment or register for school. The next two months are for budgeting, time management, and assimilation within our community. Each resident receives a program tailored to fit her individual needs. The program is in a “normal” home environment to offer a nurturing, non-judgmental atmosphere conducive to growth.